Jesmonite Match Pot
Otter Candle Co

Jesmonite Match Pot

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Unique pot designed & produced by Otter Candle Co. 

Dimensions, 7.5cm high 5cm diameter. 

Comes with approx 50 matches.

Silver grey granite jesmonite match pot with matches & strike pad on back of pot.

These pots are all made by hand & so no two will be exactly the same. The product you receive will be nearly identical to the one in the picture but there may be some slight differences. There may also be some small air bubbles in the surface - we do our best to reduce air bubbles but sometimes they do happen, so you may see the odd bubble on the surface & a few on the bottom of the pot. We also try to make the colours as solid as possible but there may sometimes be a little discolouration in small spots.