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Hello! My name is Amber & I am the hands and nose behind Otter Candle Co.

I began making candles in early 2018 - I had been searching for a creative outlet for such a long time. I've always loved making things, I remember when I was little receiving countless craft kits to get stuck into (including a candle making kit!) so although I've always been a bit lost in the career aspect of my life, I always knew I wanted to do something creative. I tried a few different things and nothing ever stuck. I eventually figured that maybe I would just never find that passion in me for something, which was kind of hard to accept but after trying to find something for such a long time it just seemed to become harder and harder.

In Jan 2018 I was super into the Danish act of 'Hygge' and was spending most of my spare time in my bedroom wrapped up in a blanket with a book & a mug of hot chocolate with candles all around me. One day the idea of trying to make my own candles came to me & it seemed like something fun I could take up. So, I ordered some wax, some oils and got to making!  

First thing I learnt - it's not as easy as I thought it was going to be. But I liked that - I enjoyed researching different waxes, trying them, looking for different oils, what kind of container I wanted to make them in... I got really into it and was soon making little batches of candles for myself and then just thought, could I take this a little further...? I started a fire within myself & was eager to see were it could take me. I spent a few more months & countless frustrating days until I was truly happy with what I was producing. Then, on 22nd September 2018 Otter was born.

Since then I've poured & sent out thousands of candles, working with some wonderful brands & learning heaps along the way. It's not been easy, especially running a business alongside my 'proper' job, but I absolutely love working on Otter & it brings me endless joy. 

Otter isn't just me, alongside me is my partner Adam who has been instrumental in helping me with all things Otter. He has been my biggest supporter since day one, chief of lugging heavy boxes around, fixer of problems, builder of studios, just generally the absolute best person I could have by my side. 

The last couple of years hasn't seen a huge amount of progress with Otter, because in 2023 Adam & I welcomed our little girl Orla to the team! So since then our lives have obviously been pretty focused on her. But we're in a good rhythm now, I'm now working at my 'proper' job part time & we're super focused on continuing to build onto our little family business. 

In 2024 Otter is not just candles - it's also cards, prints, jesmonite, seamless patterns, 3D printing... and lots more things in our heads!! I love making things, it's what I've always wanted to do. And I can't wait to see whats next for Otter & our family. 

Amber, Adam & Orla x