An Otter Is Born

Hello! My name is Amber & I am the hands and nose behind Otter Candle Co.

I began making candles in early 2018 - I had been searching for a creative outlet for such a long time. I've always loved making things, I remember when I was little receiving countless craft kits to get stuck into (including a candle making kit!) so although I've always been a bit lost in the career aspect of my life, I always knew I wanted to do something creative. I tried a few different things and nothing ever stuck. I eventually figured that maybe I would just never find that passion in me for something, which was kind of hard to accept but after trying to find something for such a long time it just seemed to become harder and harder.

In Jan 2018 I was super into the Danish act of 'Hygge' and was spending most of my spare time in my bedroom wrapped up in a blanket with a book & a mug of hot chocolate with candles all around me. One day the idea of trying to make my own candles came to me & it seemed like something fun I could take up. So, I ordered some wax, some oils and got to making!  

First thing I learnt - it's not as easy as I thought it was going to be. But I liked that - I enjoyed researching different waxes, trying them, looking for different oils, what kind of container I wanted to make them in... I got really into it and was soon making little batches of candles for myself and then just thought, could I take this a little further...? I started a fire within myself & was eager to see were it could take me. I spent a few more months & countless frustrating days until I was truly happy with what I was producing. Then, on 22nd September 2018 Otter was born.

Otter is just me - Amber, running the show on evenings & weekends alongside my full time job. Every single sale, follow, like, share means such a great deal to me because it is helping me see that there is actually something I'm pretty good at & am incredibly proud of.

I love every single scent I create & I hope you love them too. 

Amber x